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2 How To Easily Create New Folders On Computer Using Keyboard

Have you ever thought of creating a new folder on a Computer without even touching your mouse?

Well,you might say 'creating new folders in windows is quite an easy task'.
But using this trick,you save a little time Right-clicking and navigating.
Likewise,you can easily use this to amuse your friends and prove to them what a Computer guru you are ☺.

This trick has been verified working on Windows 7...above,as they prove to be more user friendly unlike the previous versions of Windows OS.

So now,to create a new folder easily and stress-free,all you need do is click and hold the following key combination...
Note »Just like the old method of folder creation,the new folder will be created on your current directory.

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Dharmendra Patel said... [Reply]

thanks bro...

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