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2 Basic Keyboard Shortcuts of Windows 8

Have you upgraded your Windows Pc to the latest version?
Are you planning to do that anytime soon?

Well, if your answer's Yes, then you might also consider knowing some of its 'additional' shortcuts i.e Those included in the latest version of Windows, for better usage and navigation.
As at the time of writing this post, the Windows 8 is the most recent version of Windows and its major shortcuts are listed below »

  • Windows key → It's main function is to switch between the “Start screen” and the Desktop (if open).
  • Windows key + D → This shortcut is used for opening the “Desktop”.
  • Press the Windows key +.(Dot) → This is used to pin and unpin applications to the side of the screen.
  • Windows key + X → This is used to open the Power user-menu, which allows easy access to features such as the "Device Manager","Command Prompt"...
  • Windows key + C → This is used for opening the “Charms”.
  • Windows key + I → It's used for opening the "Charms" settings.
  • Windows key + Print screen → This shortcut helps to take Screen-shots which is automatically saved into the “My pictures” folder.
  • Hold Windows key + Tab → This works as the Alt + Tab function in previous versions of windows, i.e To switch between open apps.
"To name a few!!"

If you think a very vital shortcut was omitted, kindly share with others using the comment box below.

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Chiji said... [Reply]

Ok This is Very Useful Follow Windows 8 Os Computers

than kyaw said... [Reply]

thank you So Much

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