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0 How To Enable/Disable Automatic Spellings-Check In Firefox

In case you noticed the spellings check feature is not enabled in your Firefox browser,here's a quick fix for that OR peradventure the feature bores you due to one reason or another,we'll be learning how to easily disable them in this post.

There are two methods/ways which can be employed to carry-out this order,therefore we'll be touching those two methods for you to decide which is easier.

Enable/Disable Automatic Spell-check In Firefox

Method 1 »
  1. Click on the Firefox menu, then select Options » Options
    (If you have Menu-Bar enabled,select Tools » Options instead)
  2. Select 'Advanced' tab and check the box which states "Check my spelling as I type" under the General tab to turn spell checker on.
  3. To turn it off,just Uncheck the box
Method 2 »
  1. Type about:config in Firefox's address bar and hit "Enter"
  2. Search for “layout.spellcheckDefault” and double click it.
  3. Now,change its value to 2 to enable the spell-check feature.
    To disable it,just change its value to integer “0”.
That's all.

Note »
The automatic spell-check feature is only turned-on for text boxes containing more than ONE LINE,
i.e where you can enter as much text as you want.


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