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You will agree with me,that most huawei modems are tied to just one specific service provider.

Different forums, blogs ,websites etc,bring up the issue of modem unlocking,but most times fail to complete it,while some ask you to drop your IMEI in order to help you get the unlock code,but failing to keep their promise.

You don't have to go through all that stress just to unlock your modem coz you can actually unlock it by yourself online,within a matter of minutes.

All you have to do is enter the IMEI of your modem in this site and click on calculator.The unlock code of the modem will be given to you live and direct.

To use this unlock code,put a new sim in your modem,and you'll be prompted to enter your unlock code i.e If your modem is specifically for mtn,just put an etisalat [or any other network] sim card in the modem,and put it in your system,then you'll be asked to enter the unlock code.
Just input the code you get from this site and your modem will be unlocked automatically to use any network.

If you don't still get it,leave your comment behind so as to guide you on what to do.


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Gbadysco said... [Reply]

You can't imagine how long i've been searching google for this.Thank you!!!

Soljar2 said... [Reply]

You are welcome.Make sure you share this with your friends.

Y.baze said... [Reply]

Wow!!! It did work.
Thanks a bunch.

Soljar2 said... [Reply]

Glad it worked for you too.

Dorothy jacob said... [Reply]

There are different ways to unlock a modem.I was also frustrated with my Huawei modem locked with a particular network and hence I approached the unlocking service from and followed their free unlock instructions and was able to remove the network lock easily.

aytomson said... [Reply]

i have been having problem unlocking huawei E303 moderm for long time now. it shows no firmware not suported what should i do do in this case

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Pls,how can I get the modem IMEI number?

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