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51 How To Remove Shortcut Virus From Computer And Drives.

Have you ever encountered 'Shortcut viruses' on your flash drive/External Hard disk before?
If yes,then you should know how frustrating they can be.

Well,as it is,just having an Anti-virus on a Computer system isn't protective enough, but occasionally updating it as new viruses are being made and spread each day.

Amongst these numerous viruses,there's this virus which is capable of changing/turning folders of extremely large MBs/GBs into small KBs and its often named “regsvr virus”(NOTE: Do not confuse it with the System file regsvr32 as they are two entirely different files.)

Like I mentioned above,when this virus strikes your Computer it automatically changes folders & sometimes files into a shortcut which can neither be opened nor run.

So,in this tutorial,I'll be giving some tips on 'how to get rid of these viruses on a system and retrieve your files back.
As there are `a thousand and one` fixes for this issue,I'll try as much as possible to give the easiest of them here.
So tighten your seat-belt and let's begin.

How To Get Rid of Shortcut Viruses On A Computer and Removable Drives

First and foremost,it's advisable you update your Anti-virus to see how it all goes and if this doesn't solve the issue,you can proceed to the methods below.
  1. Apart from updating your Antivirus,there are some softwares capable of getting rid of this virus.
    The best of them are listed below So,download any of those and follow the instructions on the sites to use them.
  2. Manual fixes are also available to solve this problem.Therefore,you can make use of any method you consider easier.
    • a.)Insert whichever drive is infected by this virus into your system and check the drive's extension i.e A: .... Z: from ‘My Computer’
      Click Start » Run / Winkey+R and type cmd in the textbox provided - Hit Enter.
      c.)Copy paste the code below into the command prompt and hit 'Enter'.
      attrib -h -r -s /s /d E:\*.*
      (Change E: to your drive's extension.)
      d.)Now,check to confirm that the virus has been completely cleared-off.
    • Else,you can use this alternative.
      a.)Go to the control panel to untick “Hide protected operating system files” or simply use the search box.
      b.)Navigate to “C:\Windows\System32” and manually delete regsvr
      c.)If you can't find the file in System32, then try locating it in “C:\program files”
      If you still cannot find it there,then try locating it in the “Processes” tab in Task Manager.
Now,with all the software & manual fixes highlighted above,one is bound to work for the drive.

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Geek squad dallas said... [Reply]

Really nice tips just found this blog interesting and knowledgeable

Da_Soljar said... [Reply]

Thanks for stopping by!

Kunte T said... [Reply]

I did that and my files show up and I found the virus sitting on my flash and I deleted it. Now, is there a command which I see the virus on my computer system?

Anonymous said... [Reply]

sir? how about regsvr32 is system32..

Basheer Ahmed M said... [Reply]

My control panel did not open how to open that ......??

owusu wilson jim said... [Reply]

Sir, thank you very much

JR Solano said... [Reply]

Hi.. Im not sure if the virus really got deleted using CMD.. I was able to see the virus and deleted it. But when I plugged my flash drive again, it was still there..

Da_Soljar said... [Reply]

@JR Solano...
If the manual method didn't work for you,try downloading some of the aforementioned softwares(They are free).

Anonymous said... [Reply]

nice nice nice information -

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Veri Nice information for All tricks

Anonymous said... [Reply]

thanks man. may God bless u. u r a life saver

Arjon Jason Castro said... [Reply]

@JR Solano, that is because your pc is already infected by the shrtcut virus.. You have to kill that running virus in your system. Have you killed that virus? I also want to know how to kill that shortcut virus on a system

Arjon Jason Castro said... [Reply]

Mr./Sir DA_SOLJAR,how would i stop or kill the shortcut virus on a system?

Da_Soljar said... [Reply]

Please download "Autorun Exterminator".
That 'll stop the virus from running when you insert an infected drive...While the virus is temporarily disabled, just repeat the second method above.

Syed_Ahmer said... [Reply]

Ohh it's great i 've been finding some solution for shortcut virus remover and at last i found your solution. its perfect i just downloaded the Smadav shortcut virus remover and scan my usb and the virus just 've gone for ever. Thanx a lot. you solve my problem...

Da_Soljar said... [Reply]

That's great to know..please share with your friends so they can also benefit from it.. Thanks.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

it worked!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Man THANKS A LOT, I really appreciate it, may Allah bless you :))

Anonymous said... [Reply]



Anonymous said... [Reply]

Doens't work. :(((

Virus removal dallas said... [Reply]

Very well written post on virus removal.This article shares the perfect information on Virus problem.

aparna john said... [Reply]

Hi, nice description about how to remove computer virus from computers and drives.Thanks for your help..


Devika Raj said... [Reply]

Nice blog. Thanks for sharing.

Priyanka Tayal said... [Reply]

hi ..Smadav caught the virus dleted n fixed it ..but the virus is not gone ..scanning repeatedly shows the virus there ..its not going at all ..please help !

Priyanka Tayal said... [Reply]

Finally it happend ..thank u sooooo much ..combofix worked ..shortcut virus is no more :)

aj said... [Reply]

thanx buddy!!!!!!!!!

Da_Soljar said... [Reply]

You're welcome @All.
Kindly share with your pals...

Prasanta Barman said... [Reply]

very useful and also work for me thanks buddy.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Thank you very much!! After so many failed attempts by following several advises and scanning with Malwarebytes, MSE and Avira only Smadav did the job.

Angelica Samson said... [Reply]

Thank you so much!! Please help me more if the computer is infected already :( Thank you :D

Anonymous said... [Reply]

its still not working and i tried to download two of the given antiviruses.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

the antivirus works on the computer but to clean the flash drive is taking a while.

Jerico Perez said... [Reply]

sir I wasn't able to see regsvr, what I saw is regsvc. is it the same as the regsvr or not?

Da_Soljar said... [Reply]

A regsvc file is not a virus per se, but some malware camouflages itself as regsvc.exe,
particularly when located in the c:\windows or c:\windows
\system32 folder. Therefore, you should check the
regsvc.exe process on your PC to deduce whether or not the file is a threat.
Note: The security rating of this file shows it's 56% dangerous.

Christopher Lora said... [Reply]


Anonymous said... [Reply]

I've been suffering shortcut virus for 3 days. And it really breaks my head ! But now you save my life ! Smadav really works. Thanks bro !!! two thumbs up :)

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Thank you so much!

Tahrim Azad said... [Reply]

thanks a lot... :)

Anonymous said... [Reply]

i have windows XP can you help me is very important my pc is infected with the shortcut virus

Santosh kumar said... [Reply]

creating shortcut in all removable disk. what i have to do pls suggest me>>

mrsparepartsonline said... [Reply]

I admire the valuable information you make available in your expertly written content. may readers can get help from it..

Anonymous said... [Reply]

thank you very much! woooo :D

apaktae28 said... [Reply]

I gotta ask if regsvr is different from regsvr32 ?

zmigz said... [Reply]

Mine doesn't work. Been repeatedly doing it for nth tines both manully and with the antivirus.:( help!!!!

Amir Manzoor said... [Reply]

I have used the combination of Combfix & Smadav respectively then It really worked for me.

Jolie Cameron said... [Reply]

Hi, I took a look at your website and I have to say that I was impressed.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

woh dude u rooks yar

Anonymous said... [Reply]

tq..buddy i use...Smadav shortcut virus remover

HaCkEr said... [Reply]

Tnx!!! BRO!!!!

Mr Spare Parts Online said... [Reply]

I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

i would not stop thankin you mann. you won't know how much you changed my life. smadav + combofix is a drug. appreciate the help !!!

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