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0 How To Manually Add A Read-More Button To Blogger Posts

Have you ever wished to display just a 'strap' of your blog post in the Homepage & Archieve pages?
Have you tried adding the Automatic Read More button to your blog and not working out?,
Well,here's the solution.

You might have not imagined it to be this simple...,but it is!!,as all you need is a piece of code which has proven very potent & easy to remember.

So,to put an end to those awful extra-long texts in your blog's homepage,all you need do is
  • Locate the exact point you would like for the button to appear in your individual posts and copy-paste this code there.
  • <!-- more -->

NOTE » Always remember to add a space at the beginning and at the end of “more” in the code above.

Surprised ?,don't be!!
It's as simple as that.

Now,you can view your homepage to confirm it's working.
But,if you do not wish to add this code manually each time a post is to be published on your blog,then you can Automatically do that here!
That's all.Please leave behind your contributions,questions or critics.


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