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0 How To View up to Three Different TimeZones At A Time In Windows.

Did you know you can view different time zones on your PC at once?
So,if you have an appointment with a Pal,Co-worker,family member... on different time zones,you can easily stay in touch with them without failing out of schedule.

With this Windows trick,you can set two extra clocks to display alongside the default clock which makes it three altogether.
To add/enable this feature in your Computer,just follow the steps below...

Steps To Add Multi-Clock Widget In Windows.

  1. Left-click Clock area in taskbar(to view large clock).
  2. Click on the “Change date & time settings” option at the bottom.
  3. From the pop-up window,select ‘Additional Clocks’ tab.
  4. Now locate the text ‘Show this clock’ and check the boxes just like in the image below.
    And under each clock preferences,customize the settings i.e choose the required time zone and give the additional clock a display name.
  5. Once done,click on Apply,then ‘OK’ it.
That's all.
To view the clocks now,just left-click on the Clock area again.

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