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0 How to Move Mouse-cursor with the Keyboard in Windows

In today's tutorial, I'll be giving detailed explanations on "How you can make use of the keyboard as Mouse" in your Windows Pc.
As you might already know, it is quite an easy task to use the Mouse as 'Keyboard' in Windows using the "On Screen Keyboard utility";
But have you ever thought of its reverse?

Yes!! It's possible...
So, anytime your mouse refuses to work and an urgent task needs to be carried out on the Pc, you don't have to worry. All you need do is follow the instructions below...

Here's How...

  • For Windows xp users »
    1. Go to “Control Panel”.
    2. Click on “Switch To Classic View” » “Accessibility Options”.
    3. Next, click on “Mouse Tab”
    4. Select “Use MouseKeys”, Then click “OK”
    5. Now, activate NumberLock by pressing the NumLk key.
    6. That's all for XP users.
      You can navigate the mouse using the arrow keys and numeric keys (Detailed explanation at the end of the post)
  • For Windows 7 , 8 and Vista users »
    1. Open ‘Ease of Access Center’ by navigating to Start Menu » Control Panel » Ease of Access and finally clicking “Ease of Access Center”.
    2. Ease of Access Center.png
    3. Click on “Make the mouse easier to use”
    4. Finally, Check the box which says “Turn on Mouse Keys” under “Control the mouse with the keyboard” Menu.
Note »
Just like in the Screenshot below, you can increase / decrease the mouse speed/Acceleration.

You can also press Alt+Shift+Num Lock combination to instantly activate the mouse keys.

Also note that If your laptop doesn't possess the NumLock key, then this trick would't work.

Having tested this trick in few Computers,the following keys, function as described below :
Num 6 » Moves pointer ‘LEFT’
Num 4 » Moves pointer ‘RIGHT’
Num 2 » Moves pointer ‘DOWN’
Num 8 » Moves pointer ‘UP’
Num 5 » Serves as ‘RIGHT CLICK’
Num 0 » Serves as ‘LEFT MOUSE CLICK’

That's all. If you have any questions and/or Suggestions, please do not hesitate to leave them behind.


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